Parent School Cooperation

Any parent who desires a conference with a teacher or the Administrator should make those arrangements through the school office in advance. Parents are asked to follow a chain of command when arranging conferences. A problem should first be discussed with the teacher before it becomes a greater matter of concern, then with the Administrator (Matt. 18). Call the office for an appointment. Please show respect for our teachers' private lives by not calling them about school business at their homes unless it is an emergency.
Once a year the school schedules conferences with parents and teachers to allow parents to discuss their child's grades with the child's teacher. These are scheduled just after the first marking period. Parents are required to attend the conferences scheduled after the first marking period to receive their child's report card.
The school cannot operate without the support of the parents in work and prayer. The relationship of parents to the school can be summarized in the following ways:
  1. To uphold the teachers and the school program by prayer.
  2. To support the standards and principles for which the school is established.
  3. Everyone connected with the school is responsible for its quality and reputation. Enthusiastic families, dedicated administrators, consecrated teachers, and well-disciplined pupils will promote our school.
You should encourage and support school programs.